c. Seed black and whiteHemp seed can be used as a super food/drink, a superior animal feed, as an oil in cosmetics, industrial lubricants, paint and varnish or as a fuel and lighting oil.  The seed is high in protein and has the highest level of total EFA 85%(essential fatty acids) in the plant kingdom with around 25% LNA Omega 3 and 55% LA Omega 6, and contains some Omega 9.  



Dehulling machine – China

In New Zealand the seed is a class C drug so you need a licence to possess iHemp seeds. This means that even though they come in a perfect container for storage and transport purposes.  Before the public can get them they need to be hulled.  By removing the husk they are no longer a seed and become a “hemp product – derived from iHemp.

Once the seed is cold pressed into oil, you have to keep it away from sources of heat, light and air  as they will deteriorate the nutritional quality over time.  The oil is a great additive to smoothies, a drizel on salads and as a supplement.  

hemp seeds can be made in to oil, protein powders and flour, to produce milk, ice creams, pastas, breads and can also be sprouted to make even more super foods.


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