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Hemptastic-About About Hemptastic New Zealand Limited:

We started in 1997, when my mates and I got together and said we want to get into the hemp industry. My name is Richard Barge and I am very passionate about the constructive commercial uses of cannabis.

Although Hemptastic shareholders are supportive of hemp I am the primary driver. The shareholders are from a wide range of industries and have valuable expertise and networks.

About Hemptastic New Zealand Limited - Richard Barge
Richard Barge

I work with lots of talented people involved in developing the hemp industry locally and internationally.

The catalyst for this interest in hemp was the information contained in Jack Herer’s book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

Come and join us on the journey toward a more sustainable economy, one that is built on carbohydrates from plants rather than hydrocarbons from fossil fuels.

We are 100% hemp and 100% made in New Zealand We are proud members of the NZHIA New Zealand Hemp Industries Association. We believe in an ethical and sustainable approach to the use of resources and the environment. 

We are striving to establish bio regional developments, centered around the sustainable production of seed and natural fiber crops, grown and processed locally.

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