Hemp world wide

This section contains information on the worldwide hemp industry.  Hemp has been cultivated for over 3,000 years and in many countries it has been continuously used during this time.  For fibre & seed, made in to food, clothes, paper, and even for construction materials, archaeologists have found a bridge in southern France from the Merovingian period (500-751 A.D) built using hemp and lime.

Other countries prohibited hemp following a US lead where marijuana was banned, this was news to the hemp farmers in these countries, as there livelihood ended.  Since the United Nation’s Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs was signed in 1961, it has become harder to work with cannabis.   See Article 28 which says the convention shall not apply to cultivation of cannabis for industrial purposes (fibre and seed) or horticultural purposes (LINK)

A new hemp awareness began in the 1990’s when the hippy dreamers started to get interested in hemp, buying hemp clothes and twine and slowly the manufactures in eastern Europe and China began manufacturing fabric and producing clothes.

The quality and variety of hemp has improved massively.  Today it is a sort after product in a range of uses and blends with natural and synthetic yarns.  The food and cosmetic industry followed and has grown exponentially especially recently as consumers start to support sustainable industry and buy products that are really good for them.  Clothes that wear in and foods that can sustain life.

  • Hemp world wide
    The world wide industry was reignited in the 1990’s, the iHemp industry has been slowly gaining pace.  But this has ...

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