Why hemp?

Hemp produces high quality seed and the strongest most durable, longest lasting natural soft-fiber in the world.  

The high yielding annual crop can be used for a diverse range of end uses, in the food, construction, fuel & oil, plastic & composite, paper, textile and medical industries.

It can be grown sustainable and the carbohydrates can replace hydrocarbons as an industry feed stock.

Hemp fibre is UV resistant, anti-fungerial , anti-bacterial, ant- static and anti-microbial, the seeds are super food and useful industrial oil

For farmers is is great in rotation and requires less agricultural inputs than other crops and can compliment other natural fibre, flax , kenaf and pine and wool.

It can phytoremediate soils, cleaning polluted lands and conditioning compacted soils.

Significant quantities can be grown in a short  90-140 day growing season and it is the worlds premier, renewable natural resource.

A true good news story, good for industry good for business and good for the environment.



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