Textiles and rope

Hemp textiles are naturally anti-fungerial, antic static, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial, and can stop 95% of the UV light.  Clothes that wear in not out, breathable natural fibres.

Textile uses from mulch/geo-textile, through to technical and specialty uses in industries (filters/absorbants) and for apparel and soft furnishings. 

The fibres can also make anti-static rope, twine and yarn for many applications and was used widely in sailing ships, as rope, sails, calking, sailors uniforms, oil/ink, paper and food.   Barrels of seed were kept on board for survival planting, as you could grow the crop and use the harvest to repair parts of the ship and make them sea worthy again.

iHemp textiles are currently imported as we lack the local infrastructure, to weave fabrics, although we can knit.  It is possible to produce yarn (although the New Zealand spinning  industry has been closing down for years,) and work with the experienced gained in the wool industry to produce quality yarn blends with other natural fibres, wool, possum, NZ flax Harakeke.

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