Hemptastic – Food

Hemp seeds are a super food and can be brought as oil or as dehulled, hemp hearts.

The seed can be cold pressed in to oil, with a low saturated fat (8% of total oil volume) The oil contains 55% linoleic Acid (LA – Omega 6) and 25% linolenic acid (LNA – Omega 3) only Flax has more LNA at 58% but hemp seed has the highest total essential fatty acids at 80% of total oil volume.

The by product of oil pressing is a high quality protein seed cake, which is unique as 65% of the protein is in the form of globulin edestin plus the albumin contained in all seeds, the protein contains all the essential amino acids in ideal proportions to build a strong immune system.

It can be sprouted, ground and baked, made in to milk, icecream and many other edible products.  It is one of the finest complete and available to the body vegetable proteins available.  

It is a complete food source, suitable for domestic and farmed animals.

In time we will see sacks of hemp seed being delivered to communities in need following man made and natural disasters.  It is in its own perfect container (as a seed) for transport and will sustain human life. Hemp seed should be grown widely to solve world hunger.

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