Hemptastic -Medicine

Time for a paradigm shift, we need a grown up debate about natural plant based medicines,  an evaluation of the facts will show that medical plants can help heal many of the ills facing our modern society, especially anxiety and depression.

In combination with diet, exercise and mindfullness we can better equip our bodies to overcome many health issues.

Medical marijuana has a role to play in modern medicine.  The more we understand about the cannobiniods in hemp and the effect they have on the endocannabiniod system in all humans is critical if we are going to realise the benefits in a huge range of medical conditions.

In the past hemp was used widely as a medicine and it is only in recent times that modern research is catching up and identifying how closely our bodies are in tune with the cannanbiniods, terpenes and flavonoids found in cannabis.

Work in this area has been suppressed for many years, but we are quickly catching up due to the passion of people who are getting beneficial effects from using medical cannabis.

This is a very safe medicine with no safety issues as there is no chance of overdosing and many people find that once they are using whole plant extracts as a source for cannabiniod based medicines they can reduce or stop other chemical pills which they are taking.


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