Benefits of hemp

This section contains information on the benefits of the hemp plant. It can make a huge diversity of end products, many of which need development and New Zealand researchers and business are already making advances in the worldwide market.  For information on what hemp can produce please see the uses section of our website.

Carbohydrates need to replace hydrocarbons as industrial raw materials and these can come from sustainable sources.  Annual crops which are good for the land and great in rotation.  hemp is such a plant, it has a massive yield of dry matter biomas, seed and fibrous stems


  • Leaf and roots
    Leaf and roots for medicinal uses, juices, balms and tinctures. Leafs fall to the ground during the growing cycle and return ...
  • Seed
    Hemp seed can be used as a super food/drink, a superior animal feed, as an oil in cosmetics, industrial lubricants, ...
  • Stems – fibre and hurd/shiv
    Hemp fibre is naturally anti bacterial, antifungerial, anti static and anti-microbial,  As a textile it can stop 95% of the ...

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